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You've stumped the Doctor and it's time to contact ShopBot Tech Support. Here's how to make it as productive (and painless) as possible ...

  • If you are in the middle of assembling your tool, just call and let the person who answers know that you are experiencing an ‘assembly problem’ (on the weekend, it’s best to email us with a phone number to call back … someone checks our Support email box every couple of hours).
  • If you are experiencing any other type of problem, the best way we can quickly help you is to get the right person working on your problem and have that person prepared with the information they need to handle the problem when they contact you. And, the best way for this to happen is for you to email
  • the information described below, along with information on the best way to contact you in the next few hours. If the problem can be quickly solved by email, that is the most efficient thing for us all … but if contacting you by phone is more appropriate, we will have someone who has the right expertise get back to you as soon as possible. Please give us a phone number where you can be at your ShopBot computer when we call back to work with you on the problem.
  • Provide all the detail that you can about the exact steps that led up to a particular problem, and what diagnostic steps you've taken;
    • e-mail us a sample of any file that may be related to the problem or that illustrates the problem; and send along the file named “PROBLEM.LOG” that you will find in your ShopBot Folder/Directory (usually&nbsp&:\Programfiles\Shopbot\Shopbot3). This file allows us to re-create your exact ShopBot set-up as well as providing information about your computer.
    • see the Software Update information in Trouble Shooting Tips if you are not sure you have the most recent software.

You can contact us:

by email at ShopBot Support

or by phone at 919 680-4800 or 888 680-446

If you call, please realize that their may be a single technical support person most appropriate to handle your problem. If that person is not available, we will take as much information from you as we can, and have that person get back to you as soon as possible.

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