From Dr. Shopbot

Managing Connections

Once you have established communication with your tool, you will typically have no further communications issues. However, if you receive a "Disconnected ..." error, "Data Error", or a "Timer Overrun" error what has happened is that there has been a temporary communication disruption between your computer and Control Box. Typically, your ShopBot will be able 'Re-connect' to the computer and you can continue operations. A brief power failure in your shop will produce this effect.

However, if this problem occurs with any regularity, it is important to figure out what is causing it and deal with the cause. There are some situations or conditions that can create Communication/Connection problems during operation and disrupt your cutting of Part Files. These problems have been rare, but can happen and deserve attention. They show up as intermittent connection problems even though the tool works correctly most of the time.

The problem could be of 3 possible types: 1) inefficient communications between the PC and ShopBot Control Box; 2) other software competing with communications between the PC and ShopBot Control Box; and 3) electrical noise from other equipment disruption the communication channels.

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